TruBee 5oz Summer Wildflower Raw Honey

TruBee 5oz Summer Wildflower Raw Honey

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This is the condensed taste of hot, country pastures and plains, full of clover, thistle, dandelion and privet nectars, and, of course, magnolia pollen. Did we mention clover? This variety jumps onto the tongue with a bold, clean taste (that’s the clover for you), then finishes with a spicy note. Pair this one with coffee on a cool morning, or a tangy bleu cheese. This is also the honey with the most "classic" honey taste, because most folks have had clover honey. TruBee Honey is raw and harvested from sunny pastures, hills, hollers and by-ways.

It’s made by "free-range" bees from the nectar of wildflowers and native plants, giving you a healthy blend of nectar and pollen that’s not from a single source.

We appreciate indigenous nectar sources — plants that are so hearty (and usually under-appreciated) that nobody thinks about spraying them with pesticides or herbicides, or even growing them as an industry.

Farm is located in Eagleville, Tennessee. 

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