Handmade White Fleck Skinny Petals Clay Earrings

Handmade White Fleck Skinny Petals Clay Earrings

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Made in Nashville, TN, by Dani at Haus of Clay Co.

These handcrafted earrings with brass charms are made out of premium, non-toxic, polymer clay. Each piece is gently sanded and polished before packaged. Earrings are distinguishably lightweight, making them great for all-day wearing. Due to the nature of them being handmade, slight differences and variations in appearance may occur.

Modern, minimalist, boho-chic statement pieces.

Measures 2"L x 1"W

Although polymer material is naturally more flexible and durable than other forms of baked clay, this material should still be handled with care; To minimize wear and tear, avoid excessive bending and exposure to water. Steer clear of oils, lotions, perfumes, and sprays. Store in dry, room-temperature settings.

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